Mock Newbery 2014 Club Summer #1 Meeting

Mock Newbery 2014 Club Summer #1 Meeting

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Wow!  These camp chapters are intense!  Auggie's encounter with the 7th graders is really scary.  What a surprise that Amos, Miles, and Henry showed up to help Auggie and Jack!  What are some of your predictions about what will happen when they all get back to school?  Will everything go back to normal?  How will Julian react when he find out what happened?  What will Amos, Miles, and Henry do when they get back?  Do have connections with the overnight camp story?  Have you ever been to an overnight camp?  What was it like?  How do your experiences help you understand Auggie better?

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  1. The part when Amos, Miles, and Henry showed up and helped Jack and Auggie reminds me of my own kids, and my siblings and I when we were younger. It seems like kids who are siblings pick on each other all the time at home. Sometimes they are really mean. They make fun of each other, call each other names, and sometimes even hit each other. BUT if someone else tries to pick on one of them, the other siblings stand up for that child. It seems like it's an attitude of he/she is "one of us." We realize we may not always treat him/her the best, but no one else is going to pick on him/her!