Mock Newbery 2014 Club Summer #1 Meeting

Mock Newbery 2014 Club Summer #1 Meeting

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Classroom Slice of Life - Trying Out Different Leads and the Memoir Writing Begins! Post 3

We are participating in a modified way in the Two Writing Teachers' Classroom Challenge.  Since my students don't have individual blogs, they are writing a slice every day in their writer's notebooks.  Several times a week I will select a few to post here, on our classroom blog, to link up with other classroom slicers.  We are writing memoirs this month, so many students are writing about memories.  I gave them a choice, though, so some slices are about other topics.  We'd love for you to comment on any or all the slices I scanned and posted.  I hope you can read them okay. I'm slicing, too, right along with my students, on my own blog:
In yesterday's mini-lesson, I showed the kids several leads that draw readers in: dialogue, action, description, thoughts/feelings, etc.  I asked them to try out their memoirs several different ways and pick their favorite one.  I counted the starters as their slices that day.

Today I gave a mini-lesson on how to write dialogue.  There are SO many nuances to writing dialogue, but they got the gist.  We'll fine-tune it as we go along.  I love the "before the dialogue mini-lesson" in Sam's writing, and the "after."  I love seeing the difference!
And now we're starting our rough drafts! 


  1. All of these are leaving me wanting more!!! I want to know what happens next with every one of them! Especially the first one about the girl who's mother is getting married and the one about the girl who is at school and her mom asks 'Are you sure your are ok with this?' Great stuff!

  2. Just a quick glance leaves me just like Abby! Keep writing great slices!

    P.S;Lovvvved Sam's extensive use of paragraphs!