Mock Newbery 2014 Club Summer #1 Meeting

Mock Newbery 2014 Club Summer #1 Meeting

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The One and Only Ivan questions

We are getting to the end of The One and Only Ivan.  What are your thoughts about Ivan's plan?  Who is your favorite character and why?  Describe George and Mack.  They are not main characters, but we have learned a lot about each one.  Why do you think they do and say the things they do?  Because the story is told from Ivan's point of view, we don't know for sure what George and Mack think or feel.  What do you think is going on in their heads?  Describe Julia.  What makes her so sensitive to the animals' feelings and situation.

Do you have anything else you want to say about the book?  How are you liking it?

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  1. Speaking of Ivan, how was the zoo? Sorry we couldn't make it, we had a scocer game. It was chilly at the field, and not to menchion, windy. Was it much warmer at the zoo? Maybe next time.