Mock Newbery 2014 Club Summer #1 Meeting

Mock Newbery 2014 Club Summer #1 Meeting

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Parent/Student Book Club over WONDER

Thank you to my students and their parents for coming to a  book club over Wonder by R.J. Palacio! Twenty-nine people came! Here is the video of R.J. Palacio reading "How I Came to Life:"

I also showed the beginning of an interview with R.J. Palacio.  Here is the whole thing in case you want to watch it:

It was fun breaking up into two groups and discussing a list of questions I had put together - some from R.J. Palacio's websit For Teachers and some I added.  I enjoyed hearing what you all had to say about this book!  Thanks to Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Thompson for joining us!
Here are some pictures from the event:

Must have cookies at a book club!

Watching R.J. Palacio read "How I Came To Life"

The group!

Watching the interview

What a great night of readers and books!!

THANK YOU, R.J. Palacio, for writing such an amazing book! CHOOSE KIND!


  1. It was a great night, great book, great discussion. We didn't want to leave yet when you kicked us out after 8:00!
    Thank you!

    1. Ha! :-) I had the sense it could've kept going all night! Love it!

  2. I wished I colud be there sooooooooooooo much! It must of been fun.